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The Hunt for Sunan

  by Brian Paul Davis

A 1967 refinery explosion outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, plants the seed for a covert plan that threatens the town of La Salle, Louisiana, a small farming town north of Baton Rouge.


Forty years later, a late night phone call sends Arizona civil engineer Daniel Hartwick on a business trip to La Salle. Vandalism and sabotage threaten to flood La Salle, which sits in the shadow of the massive Mississippi River levee. There he joins up with two colleagues from Kansas City, his friend Yanus Fautonov, originally from the Ukraine, and Nadine Russo who was called away from her husband and two teenagers.  


Obsessed with UFO's and internet reports of alien sightings, Yanus's theories were never taken seriously by Daniel and Nadine. But soon after their arrival in La Salle, Yanus disappears from his hotel room. Daniel and Nadine are drawn into a manhunt for their missing colleague. A family crisis distracts Nadine, but she continues with the search until she can fly home.


Yanus may not be who he says he is, and appears to have a unique connection to his kidnappers. Daniel and Nadine stumble into a buried past hidden in La Salle and an underlying conspiracy. They soon become targets themselves. In the process of searching for Yanus, battling personal challenges, and running for their lives, Daniel and Nadine are drawn together.


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